LibreOffice Migration Workshop in Tirana

I have spent the last weekend in Tirana, the capital city of Albania, with a group of young members of the local LibreOffice/FLOSS community – Anxhelo Lushka, Augest Dalliu, Greta Doci, Jona Azizaj, Kristi Progri, Mariana Balla, Marinela Gogo, Redon Skikuli, Sidorela Uku, Silva Arapi and Suela Palushi – for a LibreOffice Migration Workshop.

As everyone can see from the picture, the LibreOffice/FLOSS community in Albania is different from any other open source community, as it has a large majority of women: in fact, the workshop was attended by seven women – Greta, Jona, Kristi, Mariana, Marinela, Sidorela, Silva and Suela (plus another two or three for a few hours) – and three men: Anxhelo, Augest and Redon.

We have planned the workshop at the end of OSCAL, the local FLOSS conference I have attended in mid-May, after a meeting with several representatives of the city of Tirana – organised by Redon Skikuli, and attended by Anxhelo Lushka, Jona Azizaj and me – during which the authorities have expressed their interest in LibreOffice.

During the two days of the workshop, we have covered a large number of topics, from the history of LibreOffice – including development, and activities focused on improving quality and reliability of the software such as Coverity Scan and OSS-Fuzz – to the Migration Protocol and the Training Protocol.

We have gone through every step of the Migration Protocol and we have focused on the different activities included in the analysis, as during the upcoming months the local team will support the city of Tirana for this stage of the project, to help understand the challenges of the migration to LibreOffice.

Last, but not least, I have presented – for the first time – the new slide deck explaining the advantages of ODF vs OOXML to end users, based on the extensive research on the subject I have done during the last six months.

All slide decks will be uploaded to TDF wiki during the next weeks (