Read about The Document Foundation achievements in 2014: download the Annual Report!

TDF ReportThe Document Foundation (TDF) is proud to announce its 2014 Annual Report, which can be downloaded from the following link: (3.2 MB PDF). The version with HD images can be downloaded from (15.9 MB PDF).

TDF Annual Report starts with a Review of 2014, with highlights about TDF and LibreOffice, and a summary of financials and budget.

Community, Projects & Events covers the LibreOffice Conference 2014 in Bern, Certification, Website and QA, Hackfests in Brussels, Gran Canaria, Paris, Boston and Tolouse, Native-Language Projects, Infrastructure, Documentation, Marketing and Design.

Software, Development & Code reports about the activities of the Engineering Steering Committee, LibreOffice Development, the Document Liberation Project and LibreOffice on Android.

The last section focuses on People, starting with Top Contributors, followed by TDF Staff, the Board of Directors and the Membership Committee, the Board of Trustees, or the body of TDF Members, and the Advisory Board.

To allow the widest distribution of the document, this is released with a CC BY 3.0 DE License, unless otherwise noted, to TDF Members and free software advocates worldwide.

[The German version of TDF Annual Report is available from].


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