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Get ready for the Document Freedom Day 2012!

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In two weeks from now we will be celebrating the Document Freedom Day. All over the world, thousands of people will be organizing events, meetings to raise awareness around open standards for digital documents. The Document Foundation encourages everyone to join the activities planned for this day and even to propose new ones.

 The Document Foundation is an enthusiastic supporter of the Document Freedom Day. We welcome this event each year as a great opportunity to expand the reach of an essential conversation : Open Standards and free digital documents for all.

 By removing the technical and legal barriers on document formats and standards, we enable true and effective interoperability while allowing hundreds of millions of people to create, think, and share content. We encourage everyone to join the existing initiatives that day and to get involved: Everyone can do this even with just a keyboard.


  1. Could you put a Google+ Share button on your posts?
    Thanks. :)

    Comment by mirek2 — 2012/03/14 @ 15:05

    • +1

      Comment by kdawg — 2012/03/19 @ 16:09

  2. “Open Standards and free digital documents for all.”

    It is a great motto… Yeah, I like it!

    Comment by DrakoDrakkonis — 2012/03/15 @ 01:36

  3. Very bright idea. I pray this wins more hearts & minds.

    In today’s world its shocking why people don’t demand “Open Standards and free digital documents for all”. Probably, most people are not even aware & thus don’t know better.

    Open Standards will help spread knowledge & love & truly liberate the world. This will greatly benefit us users.

    Comment by paul2012 — 2012/03/15 @ 08:28

  4. Wow, It’s gonna be in my birthday!
    Great idea guys! hope this attracts new users to LO and FOSS in general.

    Best wishes for you and thank you for LibreOffice!


    Comment by pablocampis — 2012/03/15 @ 18:20

  5. yes, “Open Standards and free digital documents for all”

    Comment by Javier R. — 2012/03/16 @ 23:04

  6. I’ve been using since ver1.0 (even more, since it was only St**Office 5.6 Free edition on windows 98) and now LibreOffice. I always happy with each new version esp. since I found odf-converter####.oxt from Novel’s site, though I never get to understand how to maximally make use of this office suite and only use for my daily simple usage -please forgive me- I’m content anyway. I chose to move from trustworthy OpenOffice.Org to even-more-trustworthy LibreOffice since the big company -you know who- acquired Sun Microsystem, thus acquiring OpenOffice.Org. Oh I love that big O, yes they’re just as good as Google, but, hey, when big becomes bigger, it will aim for biggest right?, and I hate that idea. However, every single time I use these free softwares, i.e. LibreOffice, I pray to Lord God, that you guys will be blessed. So, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for working very very very hard on this piece of “sanity keeper”. God Bless You, All of You who develop, maintain, contribute, even hack this software for better improvements, I thank you and pray to God to bless you all.

    Live long and prosper freely,

    Comment by Mike — 2012/03/17 @ 03:39

  7. I so despise proprietary formats that I have never saved my files in a proprietary format – typically the ones used in he latest version of Microsoft Office. The Open Software movement has done a good job at making older proprietary formats editable but it is of course difficult or impossible to retain complex formatting. So I don’t use MS Office except on other people’s computers when helping them with their documents. Good for you for bringing focus to this unnecessary complication.

    Comment by Lorenz Gude — 2012/03/18 @ 13:20

  8. cool. Me parece una excelente idea, yo difundo y trabajo en mis archivos con extensiones libre,aunque por mi profesión por ahora en algunas aplicaciones tenga que trabajar con extensiones privativas, pero me gustan los estandares abiertos. Muy bien por The Document Foundation. Y en latinoamerica lo difundiremos en la FLISOL que es 30 dias despues :D

    Hoy a 10 días de este evento y a 30 de la FLISOL

    Comment by Myktlamtekuhtly — 2012/03/18 @ 16:21

  9. 100% for Freedom and Libreoffice! (by the way, in the “like” options, please include G+; we don’t like and/or don’t use facebook, twiter, orkut and other of those. Thanks!).

    Comment by Gonzalo — 2012/03/23 @ 16:58

  10. […] tekst se bazira na tekstu koji možete na engleskom pronaći  ovdje. Pozivamo članove Ubuntu zajednice i ostale ljubitelje otvorenog koda i standarda da se pridruže […]

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  11. Libre office, tellement La dis tro, que je l’utilise dans Linux (défaut ), dans mon macbook (snow léopard ) et meme dans windo, et oui si il y en a un qui est pour la disparition du raciste informatique, c’est bien moi qui utilise les 3 Os

    Comment by larochea — 2012/03/24 @ 10:53

  12. Utilisateur des 3 Os, il est sur et certain que je suis pour le standard dans les documents et surtout pour l’implantation universelle de libreoffice, n’en déplaise a windo. :-)

    Comment by larochea — 2012/03/24 @ 10:56

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