LibreOffice Security Backgrounder

Today we are announcing the first release of a very important document that describes – in language accessible to everyone, including non-security specialists – the impressive work done by developers and quality assurance specialists in the area of LibreOffice security.

From now on, the LibreOffice Security Backgrounder will be updated on the occasion of each major release of LibreOffice, i.e. in February and August each year (as things stand). For this reason, the full name of this document is LibreOffice Security Backgrounder 2023.12.

It is important to stress that the purpose of this document is purely informational, to clarify aspects and steps in the development process that have not been sufficiently documented in the past. Software security is a fundamental aspect, but not a competitive advantage.

The security of LibreOffice and the documents it generates is very important to all of us, and especially to the users of the suite, which is why there are dozens of people with advanced computer security skills who dedicate their time to protecting and improving it.

We hope that this document, which has been produced with the help of a number of companies and individuals, some of whom are mentioned in the document itself, will help to improve knowledge of the security processes involved in the development of free and open source software.



Download LibreOffice Security Backgrounder 2023.12