The Calc Guide 7.6 is Published

The Documentation Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the Calc Guide release 7.6.

The Calc Guide 7.6 update was coordinated by Steve Fanning, with assistance of Olivier Hallot and B. Antonio Fernandez, and is based on the Calc Guide 7.5. Many accessibility issue were addressed and is work in progress.

Steve Fanning

Steve Fanning

This book has been updated from LibreOffice Calc Guide 7.5. It covers changes that are visible in the LibreOffice Calc user interface, including the following areas:
• Detect scientific notation option on Text Import dialog (Chapters 1 & 11).
• Confirmation dialog when deleting empty sheet(s) (Chapter 1).
• Data Entry Form tool (Chapter 2).
• Sort by Color option for AutoFilters (Chapters 2 & 14).
• Poisson distribution option for random numbers on the Fill tool (Chapter 2).
• Chart data tables (Chapter 3).
• Sparklines (Chapter 3).
• Drawing styles (Chapter 5).
• Document themes (Chapters 5 & 15).
• Formula indicator and hint option (Chapters 8 & 15).
• Removed unnecessary statement about taking particular care when using date information in the GETPIVOTDATA() function (Chapter 9).
• Pivot table compact layout (Chapter 9).
• Saving solver settings to file (Chapter 10).
• General comment facility (Chapter 12).
• Error codes (Appendix B).

LibreOffice 7.6 Community also includes many other changes, including improvements in accessibility, change tracking, spell checking, and interoperability with Microsoft’s proprietary file formats.

Release Notes are here:

The guide is available for immediate download in PDF format as well as in source format (OpenDocument Format). Soon it will be available as printed book by LuLu inc. and in HTML format for online reading

Download the Calc Guide 7.6 from the documentation websites at: and the bookshelf at