Try our updated Extensions and Templates site!

Screenshot of LibreOffice extensions and template website

LibreOffice includes a wide range of features, covering most use-cases. But it also supports extensions for more functionality, and our worldwide community has submitted hundreds of great extensions (and templates).

Recently, our new Web Developer Juan José González (aka “JJ”) improved the design of the site, to make it more usable and visually appealing, including:

  • Counters for number of downloads
  • A more prominent search bar
  • Tag filters in a menu on the left
  • Larger sort order buttons
  • Easier to read dates of last update (e.g. “2 months ago”)

Explore the new site here! If you notice anything that could still be improved, please report it on our tracker.

And a huge thanks to all extension and template maintainers – you’ve done the biggest work on the website.

Create and submit an extension

Interested in making an extension and sharing it with the world? It’s a great way to learn about LibreOffice development. Here are some guides to get started: