LibreOffice Math Guide is Updated to Release 7.5

The LibreOffice Documentation team is happy to announce the new Math Guide 7.5, for the equation editor of the LibreOffice productivity suite.

Anyone who wants to learn how to insert formulas and equations using Math will find this 73-page guide valuable. Formulas can be inserted as objects into Writer, Impress, Draw, and Calc documents. Regardless of the document type, formula objects are edited using LibreOffice Math.

Thanks to Vitor Ferreira, the new guide has included the changes carried from LibreOffice 7.2 and is now fully updated.

Math Guide 7.5

He added:

I am a college professor of Mechanical Engineering at Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA) in Salvador, Brazil. I use LibreOffice Math since 2019 for my documents and lectures notes, and I together with the Brazilian LibreOffice Community I updated the Math Guide to the latest release.” Said Vitor Ferreira. “The opportunity to volunteer to LibreOffice Documentation was unique and I found it very encouraging in all aspects of document production.

Vitor Ferreira

The Math Guide 7.5 is available for immediate download in PDF and ODF formats at the Documentation website and the LibreOffice Bookshelf website.


  1. By Paul