Over 3 million views on the LibreOffice YouTube channel!

Video thumbnails from channel

Yes, our YouTube channel has just gone over the 3 million views mark. Great stuff! We’d like to say a special thanks to community members who’ve contributed great work, such as the Indonesian community for the “New Features” videos (major LibreOffice releases), and Harald B. in the German community for his tutorials. (Note that many of the videos are also available on PeerTube.)

So, what are the top five most-viewed videos? Here they are…

  1. LibreOffice 6.0: New Features – 247,948 views
  2. This is LibreOffice – 208,359 views
  3. LibreOffice 7.3: New Features – 198,070 views
  4. LibreOffice 7.0: New Features – 163,217 views
  5. LibreOffice 6.2: New Features – 126,411 views


  1. By James Harking

    • By Mike Saunders