Microsoft 365 price hike in Germany? LibreOffice to the rescue!

Microsoft plans to raise the prices of its office software in Germany – and other services – significantly (article in German here). And not just once, but every six months there are to be “price adjustments”.

This is of course a problem for many businesses, organisations, schools and local governments that have limited resources. But it is also a good time to explore alternatives like LibreOffice.

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LibreOffice is a free (as in zero cost) office suite, but it also offers fundamental freedoms to study, modify and share the software. Businesses benefit from the software’s data protection and security, and they can also take advantage of professional support. Other advantages:

  • LibreOffice can be installed in parallel with Microsoft Office for testing purposes
  • The German Federal Office for IT security has issued recommendations for secure configuration of LibreOffice
  • In larger environments, LibreOffice can be distributed centrally to users
  • Free software apps strengthen independence from individual providers and reduce vendor lock-in

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Many companies and organisations have already switched to LibreOffice, so why not take a look?

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