Using a Matrix Bridge with LibreOffice IRC Channels

Hossein Nourikhah writes:

Ever wondered about using modern chat tools to discuss LibreOffice? Here we will discuss using a Matrix bridge to connect to the LibreOffice IRC rooms, to participate more efficiently in LibreOffice-related discussions.

Traditionally, IRC has been the preferred way of communication for the FOSS communities including the LibreOffice community. There are multiple IRC rooms that you can join, and the one related to the LibreOffice development is #libreoffice-dev at Libera Chat network. A more complete list is in the TDF Wiki:

IRC is an open protocol, and there are many clients for it. With the modern IRC clients, some of the shortcoming of the earlier IRC clients are now resolved. For example, you can use encryption in your connection.

On the other hand, IRC still has its drawbacks. You have to be online to get the messages, and you will lose the messages that was sent when you were offline. There are solutions like “IRC bouncers” that can help resolve this specific issue, but when compared to the modern chat clients and protocols, IRC still falls behind. So, many people prefer the new tools for chat.

But, is there a way to connect these two worlds, old and new? Fortunately there is a solution: using a Matrix bridge.

Using the Matrix Bridge for the LibreOffice IRC Channels

To use the matrix bridge for the LibreOffice IRC channels, first you need a Matrix account. Then, by clicking on the link below you can connect to the “LibreOffice space“, and see the LibreOffice channels in Matrix:


You don’t have an account? No problem! You can register one at It is as easy as a simple sign up, by entering username, password and your e-mail. You have to verify your e-mail address by opening a link sent to your inbox.

You, or your organization can have your own Matrix home server. If not, you can stick to account. In any way, having a Matrix account lets you to join the LibreOffice space.

Join LibreOffice space

Join LibreOffice space

Subsequently, after joining the LibreOffice space you can join separate rooms and enjoy the Matrix bridge!

Join rooms in the LibreOffice space which uses Matrix bridge to IRC

Join rooms in the LibreOffice space which uses Matrix bridge to IRC

Then, if you look at the users list in the IRC rooms, you see several people with [m] after their names. They are usually people that are using Matrix bridge. If you are also using Matrix bridges, you can use the Matrix for private messages and use all the features available in Matrix protocol and client.

Finally, we hope that you enjoy the LibreOffice space on Matrix, and have fun!


  1. By Afshin

    • By Hossein