LibreOffice Base Guide 7.2 has been released

The LibreOffice Documentation Team releases the Base Guide 7.2, based on refactored content from the Base Guide 6.4, with the 7.2 branding and text layout. It covers LibreOffice’s database component.

Download the Bse Guide 7.2

The team decided to just fast-forward the release number, given the very little developments for Base since LibreOffice 6.4. The team intended to complete the Guide set for LibreOffice 7.2 and get ready to update contents of the set for the forthcoming LibreOffice 7.3 release.

The LibreOffice Base Guide is a community effort that include valuable collaboration from Robert Großkopf,  Pulkit Krishna, Dan Lewis, Drew Jensen (In Memoriam), Peter Schofield, Jost Lange, Steve Schwettman, Jean-Pierre Ledure, Jochen Schiffers, Martin Fox, Alain Romedenne, Jenna Sargent, Hazel Russman, Andrew Pitonyak and Randolph Gamo.

Steve Fanning assembled the new Base guide and Jean Weber reviewed for publication

Jean Weber

Steve Fanning

Steve Fanning

The Base guide is available for download at

A printed copy from Lulu Inc. is available at this web page.

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