LibreOffice Design Community Work in 2020

Design has been one of the major focus points of LibreOffice in the last few years, and has produced new icon sets and a number of incremental updates to the user interface – menus, toolbars and the SideBar – and the creation of the brand new NotebookBar…

(This is part of The Document Foundation’s Annual Report for 2020 – the full version will be posted here on the blog soon.)

Improvements in LibreOffice 7.0

Icon Themes

A new Sukapura icon theme, based on Apple’s color palette as defined in macOS Human Interface Guidelines for Visual Design, was developed to become the default on macOS. The Sukapura icon theme is based on the Colibre icon theme and developed to fit macOS desktop environment in mind. (Added by Rizal Muttaqin)

The Colibre icon theme was adopted as default for the Windows operating system was refreshed based on the new Monoline style iconography implemented by Microsoft Office 365. The goal of the Monoline style is to have a consistent, clear, and accessible iconography to communicate action and features with simple visuals, ensure the icons are accessible to all users, and have a style that is consistent with those used elsewhere in Windows. (Rizal Muttaqin)

Sifr was polished and updated, with fewer icons falling back to Breeze or Colibre, while the unmaintained Tango icon theme was removed from core, but is still available as an extension. (Rizal Muttaqin, Heiko Tietze)


The Windows Installer was updated with new icons and images, based on LibreOffice 7.0’s visual theme. (Bayu Rizaldhan Rayes, Rizal Muttaqin, Muhammad Rivan)

Impress Presenter Screen

The Impress Presenter Screen shows on the personal computer or laptop screen when the presentation is projected on a second screen or a projector. The screen shows both the current and the next slide, plus optionally the speaker notes, plus a timer and some presentation controls such as arrows to go back and forth.

The visual appearance of the screen was refreshed, according to the user interface design. The extra white border pixel in the box was removed as well as the blurred shadow, while the background has been darkened to make the icons in the bottom bar more visible.

Three buttons were added: the first two to pause and resume the timer, which are useful to get the complete control on the timing of the session which was missing in the past, and a third to exit the Presenter Screen, in addition to the Esc button used in past versions. (Rizal Muttaqin)

Improvements in LibreOffice 7.1


The Elementary icon theme has been updated to be more consistent with Elementary branding colors, which are named after natural elements such as fruits. (Rizal Muttaqin)


LibreOffice offers several User Interface options, from the traditional one based on Toolbars and Menus, with Sidebar, to the different NotebookBar alternatives, which are more familiar to users migrating from proprietary solutions. To help users choose the best User Interface for their preferences or habits, a new dialog window was added to select the UI during the first start. (Heiko Tietze, TDF)


A new widget providing styles preview was added to the tabbed NotebookBar. (Szymon Kłos, Collabora)

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