Show your love for free software using LibreOffice Draw

Free Software Foundation Europe has developed an “I Love Free Software” template for the upcoming Valentine Day, to allow free open source software advocates to express the reason why they love FOSS, and they support it as volunteer contributors, or as simple users. FSFE template was developed using Inkscape, which is an outstanding FOSS application to create and manage vector images, but is also rather difficult to use if your graphics skills are limited. So, I imported the Inkscape SVG template into LibreOffice Draw, and tweaked it a bit by using Liberation Sans and Liberation Sans Narrow fonts – which are installed by LibreOffice and as such are always available to LibreOffice users, and by replacing the lines of text with a text box, to make it easier to write the personal notes and the name. I have also added a text box with instructions on how to fit the user portrait inside the heart shape, which is a rather easy operation with LibreOffice Draw.

Here you are. This is my FOSS Valentine made with LibreOffice Draw (and if you wonder why the font looks different, it is because I replaced Liberation Sans with IBM Plex Condensed, a different FOSS font, as I wanted to fit a longer text into the text box). You can download the LibreOffice Draw template from this link (the file is a Hybrid PDF, so you have to open LibreOffice and then open the file from LibreOffice, as otherwise the file opens as a regular PDF and cannot be edited as a LibreOffice Draw template).


  1. By Behzat YILDIRIM

  2. By Paolo_Del_Bene

  3. By Daniel Leavey