Open Badges for top LibreOffice QA contributors

Earlier this year we announced Open Badges for contributors to LibreOffice and its various sub-projects. These are custom PNG images sent out to each recipient, containing metadata about achievements, which can be verified using an external service. Recipients can then proudly show them off, or use them as proof of activity when applying for jobs or joining other free software projects!

Today, we’re announcing Open Badges for the top QA (Quality Assurance) project contributors. These are the most active people on Bugzilla, our bug tracking tool. The winners are:

Telesto – NISZ LibreOffice Team – Mike Kaganski – Andreas Kainz – Roman Kuznetsov – Regina Henschel – Aron Budea – Seth Chaiklin – Robert Großkopf – Rizal Muttaqin – Timur – R. Green – TorrAB – Gerald Pfeifer – Kevin Suo – Jim Raykowski – Samuel Mehrbrodt – Sergio Callegari – Michael Weghorn – Ming Hua – Julien Nabet – sawakaze – Eyal Rozenberg – Thorsten Wagner – Zdeněk Crhonek – Jim Avera – Thomas Lendo – Ricky Tigg – Gabor Kelemen – Steve Fanning

Congrats to all of you! We’ve personally emailed you with the custom badge, so enjoy showing it off 🙂

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