Build your skills – join our online hackfest during the LibreOffice conference!

Who makes LibreOffice? How can you – as a user – get involved in the community? And what can you contribute to the project? Well, we’ll answer all of these questions, and more, in an upcoming online “hackfest” during the LibreOffice conference. This is a virtual event where the world’s foremost LibreOffice experts will be at hand, to answer your questions about contributing to the project. You can see how they work and “how the sausage is made”, as they say!

There are many ways to help out:

  • Designing the user interface
  • Improving the features and functionality with C++ programming
  • Updating the documentation
  • Translating the app and website
  • Starting cool marketing campaigns
  • Confirming bug reports from other users

And much more. By joining a well-known and well-established FOSS project like LibreOffice, you can build up your skillset for future career options. And also meet new people and have fun!

So, do you have a question about contributing? If so, please send your questions to by 27 September 2020.

A panel of experts will convene to present on your questions and topics. Everyone is welcome to join and ask further questions. In the case that your spontaneous questions render the experts speechless, answers will be provided after the event. The duration of the event is one hour.

We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. By Marian Kemp