The New Getting Started Guide 6.4

The LibreOffice Documentation Team proudly announces the immediate availability of the LibreOffice Getting Started Guide 6.4, the introductory guide for the latest LibreOffice 6.4, aimed to the general public interested to quickly get familiar with the software.

The Guide was updated from the existing release 6.0 and includes an introductory documentation of the most common features of the free office suite and includes information on word processing, spreadsheets computing and charting, presentations, drawings, database management, equations and also macro programming. The update includes the changes in several components of the suite and new features introduced since release 6.0.

The Guide also introduces extensive information on the LibreOffice way of producing professional documents by using the rich set of formatting styles and correct document file format such as the Open Document Format. Needless to say, the Guide was edited, reviewed and assembled using LibreOffice 6.4.

The Getting Started 6.4 guide is the result of the collaborative work of Andrew Jensen, Claire Wood, Dan Lewis, Kees Kriek, Steve Fanning, Pulkit Krishna, Roman Kuznetsov and was reviewed and assembled by Jean Hollis Weber. A big thanks to them for all their work!

LibreOffice has extensive documentation in many languages, thanks to our worldwide community.

Download it

You can also get individual chapters via this page.

Everyone is welcome to join our documentation team! It’s a great way to build up experience in a large and well-known open source project, especially if you’re interested in a career in technical writing one day.


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