LibreOffice: A great choice for schools and education

Many schools, colleges and universities around the world use LibreOffice to get their work done every day. The free and open source office suite, compatible with Microsoft Office and a successor to OpenOffice(.org) with many extra features, includes a complete set of powerful tools for students and teachers:

  • Writer – word processor
  • Calc – spreadsheet
  • Impress – presentation tool
  • Draw – for technical drawings, brochures etc.
  • Math – formula editor
  • Base – database

Benefits in education

Because LibreOffice is free and open source software, students and teachers can download and install it on as many machines as they like, without worrying about license fees, subscriptions or audits. If you’re a teacher, you can be sure that your students won’t suddenly be locked out of their documents for not renewing a subscription. They can keep working, as long as they like!

As well as the desktop app, there’s also LibreOffice Online, a cloud-based version of the suite that students can access via their web browsers. You can set up LibreOffice Online on your own infrastructure, with help from professional support services.

Additionally, LibreOffice is backed up by a rich ecosystem, with many companies and resources available to help users:

One more benefit, especially for IT students and teachers: because LibreOffice is open source, anyone can study how it works and make improvements. See what you can do for LibreOffice here!

Give it a try – download LibreOffice for Windows, macOS and Linux


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