The Documentation Team announces the Math Guide 6.4

Berlin, January 22nd, 2020 – With the upcoming release of LibreOffice 6.4, the Documentation Team is proud to announce the Math Guide 6.4, an update of the previous Math 4.0 guide, updated to cover all innovations included in LibreOffice 6.4. The guide was updated by Roman Kuznetsov and revised by Dave Barton from the documentation community.

Math Guide

“I updated the Math Guide to give everyone up-to-date information about using that interesting and (often forgotten) tool in LibreOffice”, said Roman Kuznetsov, community member and volunteer technical writer. “I did it to improve my skills in writing of documentation. Also I want say thank you to the LibreOffice Documentation Team for its help with that task.”

Roman Kuznetsov

The guide is available for immediate download from The Document Foundation cloud instance and is published in PDF format, as along in its source file in ODF format.

About the LibreOffice Documentation Team

The LibreOffice Documentation Team is devoted to producing the best documentation for the LibreOffice end user, and is actively pursuing the goal of keeping the LibreOffice literature updated, effective and accurate. Come and join us!.


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