Refreshing LibreOffice’s “Frequently Asked Questions” pages

Ilmari Lauhakangas (aka Buovjaga) writes:

A year ago we started migrating our wiki translations to the standard translation management system used across the known wikiverse. The system allows for proper tracking of translation status, and offers a user experience familiar to LibreOffice translators.

By the end of summer 2019, we had enough experience with the new system to be able to define best practices and give instructions to translators. Right at this moment one of our Czech contributor heroes, Zdeněk Crhonek (aka Raal), expressed interest in offering FAQ translation tasks through a volunteer platform called Um sem um tam. Zdeněk took it upon himself to migrate each FAQ article to the new system while creating the tasks.

In addition to the migration effort, the FAQ pages were checked for accuracy and many changes were made to bring them up to date. All of this work resulted in unprecedented activity in The Document Foundation wiki as can be seen in this chart:

Big thanks to Zdeněk Crhonek, Czech translator Petr Kuběj and the original French creators of the FAQ articles!

Translators are invited to update the FAQ translations as well as to confirm that the source text corresponds to the current LibreOffice interface. If you have questions regarding the migration process in general, please contact Ilmari Lauhakangas.