New version of LibreOffice Impress Remote for Android

We often talk about the desktop version of LibreOffice on this blog, but our community is working on mobile tools as well. For instance, the LibreOffice Impress Remote lets you interact with your slideshow presentation from your Android device – including slide previews, speaker notes, and more.

At the weekend, we released an update for the Impress Remote (version 2.4.0), with various bugfixes and updates:

  • Fix missing slide previews
  • Ongoing fixes for Bluetooth discovery
  • Fix pointer feature
  • Fix timer for certain Android versions
  • Updated translations

Note that there’s an additional permission required for the app in this release, coarse location, but it’s solely for Bluetooth discovery. The app doesn’t make any use of it – it’s just a prerequisite for doing discovery and listing nearby devices.

Additional notes: if you don’t get the proper slide count on the initial connection attempt, pause and resume should fix it. In addition, discovery of WiFi clients relies on Avahi being enabled on Linux (for Linux). If you don’t run Avahi (but still have the ports open, at least for your local network), you can manually enter the machine’s IP.

Download the new version here

(Note: an update for the iOS app will also follow.)

If you want more improvements or new features in the Impress Remote, give us a hand! We’re a volunteer-driven, community open source project, so we really appreciate all help to make the software even better. You can assist by reporting bugs, testing new releases, or helping with the code (if you have some development experience). See here to get started!

What about LibreOffice for Android?

We have the LibreOffice Viewer for Android, so you can view your documents on-the-go. Editing is an experimental feature at present, and to improve it and make it ready for full-time use, our community would appreciate some help! As mentioned, we’re a volunteer-driven open source project, so if you want the Android app to keep improving, help our community or consider funding a certified developer to work on it. That way, everyone benefits – thanks!


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