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Status of LibreOffice for Android and iOS

Here’s a quick status update on LibreOffice for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad).

LibreOffice is an application for desktop platforms, including Linux, macOS and Windows. The Document Foundation, the non-profit entity behind LibreOffice, is currently focused on delivering the best experience on the desktop. (There is also LibreOffice Online, a cloud-based version of the suite,

New version of LibreOffice Impress Remote for Android

We often talk about the desktop version of LibreOffice on this blog, but our community is working on mobile tools as well. For instance, the LibreOffice Impress Remote lets you interact with your slideshow presentation from your Android device – including slide previews, speaker notes, and more.

At the weekend, we

LibreOffice at droidcon Vienna

LibreOffice is available for Android smartphones and tablets – albeit as a “Viewer” application, for checking documents on the go. There is an experimental editing mode, but it still needs more work, and we’d love to have more help and feedback to improve it!

So to spread the word amongst potential contributors,

LibreOffice Viewer for Android: Help us fight for digital freedom!

Did you know that LibreOffice Viewer is available for Android phones and tablets? Check it out:

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The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice Viewer for Android

Berlin, May 28, 2015 – LibreOffice, the best free office suite on the desktop, is available on Android as a native application for viewing ODF documents. The app can be installed from Google Play Store at Direct download of the APK and download from other app stores will be made available at

The Document Foundation announces the results of the Android Tender

Berlin, January 27, 2015 – Following the successful release of the LibreOffice Viewer (Beta), The Document Foundation announces the results of the Android tender – – today. The tender aims at developing the technical framework that will ultimately power LibreOffice for Android, including the document editor. This tender is one more step towards