Don’t get trapped by your office suite

The new trend among software vendors is to push towards online subscription models, even when the customer would rather stick to desktop software. Users need to keep paying in order to access the software – and therefore their documents. Their very own documents!

As we’ve seen, this can be disastrous for end users. If you can’t make a payment, or the “authentication server” doesn’t work, you lose access to your data. The Document Foundation, started to fight for digital freedoms, rejects this kind of model. We think powerful office tools should be free to use, share and modify.

LibreOffice, which is free, open source and developed by a worldwide community, doesn’t have subscriptions, or registrations, or yearly license fees, or anything like that. You can use it as you please (subject to the Mozilla Public License 2.0). You install LibreOffice on your own computer, and run it whenever and wherever you want. Even offline.

So if you’re a home or small business user, and your current office suite is trapping you into subscriptions and regular payments to access your documents, try LibreOffice today. (And if you’re interested in deploying LibreOffice in a larger business, check out this page.)

LibreOffice: giving control back to you. Since 2010.


  1. By Ann Schenk

  2. By Franklin Weng