Munich Hackfest, October 2018: Roundup and photos

Hackfests are great opportunities for LibreOffice developers and community members to meet face-to-face, work on new features, fix bugs and enjoy good food! In late October, CIB hosted a hackfest in Munich, Germany, with 25 participants over the three days.

Check out the achievements section for full details on the results, but in summary: many bugs were fixed, some features were polished, and knowledge was shared. Two participants learned about building LibreOffice from source code, while others discussed non-technical topics such as marketing and local events.

A big thanks to everyone who took part – it was great seeing you! Here are a few photos, starting with the first evening, when a few quick presentations were given. Andreas Kainz discussed his work on the NotebookBar user interface design (also check out his blog):

Then it was time for pasta – penne all’arrabbiata and fusilli radicchio and gorgonzola…

On the second day, developers worked on various features and bugfixes:

Izabela Bakollari from the Albanian LibreOffice community worked with Bjoern Michaelsen to build the source code and commit some code changes:

Then it was time for more Italian food – this time, pizza!

On the final day, participants presented their achievements:

Most people headed home after that, but a few stayed around for a quick city tour and beer at the world-famous HofbrÀuhaus:

We’ll be organising more hackfests next year, so keep an eye on this blog for updates!