Results from the LibreOffice 6.1 RC1 Bug Hunting Session in Ankara

Question: Who can help to improve LibreOffice for millions of users around the world?
Answer: Anyone!

For instance, the Turkish LibreOffice community recently organised a Bug Hunting Session for LibreOffice 6.1 Release Candidate 1, to find and fix issues before the final release in early August.

Muhammet Kara helped to organise the event, and here’s his summary:

  • Around 15 people were present, and they tested LibreOffice for three hours. Multiple bugs were discovered. Some were reported, some were discussed, others were prepared for reports later.
  • Muhammet talked about “how to report bugs” for about 15 minutes, showing the LibreOffice Bugzilla installation.
  • There were Pardus, Debian, Windows and macOS machines (and possibly Fedora). Participants cross-checked issues on multiple platforms simultaneously.
  • After the session, there was a long discussion on community and ecosystem building for LibreOffice in Turkey.

So a big thanks to the Turkish community for their help! Check out some more photos below. And as mentioned, anyone can get involved and help to identify issues in LibreOffice – you don’t need to be a developer. See here to get started, and millions of users around the world appreciate your work!