Sunday Marketing #5

On Friday, we have announced LibreOffice 5.4.5 and LibreOffice 6.0.1. In both cases, it has been an earlier than scheduled – and expected – release, to solve a couple of issues which were considered significant enough to change the usually predictable release schedule. The first issue was related to security, and we decided to release a patched version to reduce the risk for LibreOffice users (details are available on dedicated channels). The second issue was related to the increase of crashes on Windows of the just announced LibreOffice 6.0.

The chart on the left shows the increase of crashes after January 31 announcement and the subsequent decrease after February 9 announcement (right-clicking on the image will allow opening the original image, which is easier to read). It is important to underline the fact that the chart is generated by our test system, which is stressing the software, and does not reflect the actual number of crashes experienced by end users. On the other hand, we received several reports of unexpected crashes, which confirmed data provided by the test system.

Although both issues were reported while a large number of developers and other community members were in Brussels for FOSDEM and for a series of internal meetings, they were immediately tackled by developers – who provided the patches – and triggered a new release process: production of the binaries for the different operating systems, test of the binaries to verify that issues were solved, upload of the binaries on mirrors, preparation of web pages relevant for the announcement (changelogs on the wiki, and download pages on websites), and draft of the announcement text for the announce mailing list, the blog post and the press release distribution. From the decision to the release, the entire process was completed in less than two days, confirming the maturity of the LibreOffice project in front of unexpected events.

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