TDF Presentation Gallery

downloadWe have created a number of slide decks which can be re-used by community members as a basis for their presentations at events. For the time being, slide decks are based on the old 4:3 format, as this is still the most common, but in the future will also be available in the new 16:9 format. Needless to say, the file format is ODP, and fonts are those installed by LibreOffice.

Slide decks will be updated regularly, and the date will be featured on the wiki page (at the moment, the date is September 30, 2016 for all slide decks). If you plan to use a slide deck and you feel that some slides are outdated (or should be updated), please ask on LibreOffice marketing mailing list with the subject “Slide Decks” (

The gallery is available on TDF wiki at the following address: