LibreOffice 5.2: A week in stats

One week ago we announced LibreOffice 5.2, a new major release with enterprise-level features and user interface improvements. So what has happened in the meantime?

Here’s a selection of statistics from the last seven days showing activity in and around the LibreOffice project:

  • 310,491 – downloads of LibreOffice 5.2

And note: those are just downloads from our servers and mirrors, and the number doesn’t include downloads from other sources (such as Linux distribution repositories).

  • 213,697 – unique visitors to our website

Here’s a breakdown of the visitors. Microsoft Windows is dominant in terms of operating systems, but GNU/Linux flavours make up a healthy chunk as well. On the browser side, Chrome and Firefox are up in front – and we even had a couple of visits from people using the Links text-mode browser!


  • 37,252 – views of our LibreOffice 5.2 New Features videos

As with the previous release, for LibreOffice 5.2 we created a playlist of short videos highlighting the new features and changes in this version. We’ve embedded them into the LibreOffice website, and have also added subtitles in Russian, Chinese (Taiwan), Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese thanks to translations from our worldwide community.

  • 24,936 – people reached by the announcement on Facebook

Social media is invaluable for spreading the word about LibreOffice, free software and open standards, and we had some good activity on Facebook. The announcement was liked by 640 people and shared 172 times, while over on Google+ the post had 115 likes and 25 shares.

Activity ramped up quickly on Twitter as well, with 229 retweets of our announcement and many more from subsequent tweets throughout the following days.

  • 632 – upvotes for links to the LibreOffice 5.2 announcement on Reddit

Many different subreddits such as /r/linux and /r/technology discussed the release. Comments and feedback are often very helpful to developers too. Speaking of Reddit, if you’re a regular visitor to that site, join /r/libreoffice to discuss new features and help other users!

Meanwhile, this Heise Online article (in German) received 181 comments. Other news outlets covering the release include PCWorld, InfoWorld and The Inquirer.

So, that’s just the first week since the release of LibreOffice 5.2. Keep an eye on this blog for more updates, especially as we head towards our yearly conference in September…

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