LibreOffice: Advent Tip #4

LibreOffice has a comprehensive AutoCorrect feature, which can be accessed from the menu Tools > AutoCorrect Options… The command opens a dialog window with five tabs: Replace, Exceptions, Options, Localized Options, and Word Completion. Replace provides a list of symbols and words which might be entered using the wrong character or misspelled, and will be corrected automatically once entered. The list can be improved by the user, with the addition of other words. Exceptions provides a list of the words which do not follow the rule, and can also be improved by the user with the addition of other words.














Options are pre-configured, and are correcting some of the most common typing mistakes, such as two initial capitals, double spaces, and empty paragraphs. Localized Options (no screenshot) provides some additions to the previous tab, related to specific language issues. Last, Word Completion provides a list of words which can be autocompleted by LibreOffice once the feature has been enabled.




Word Completion


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