LibreOffice getting ready for the next 1,000 hackers

janiversensmallBerlin, November 23, 2015 – The Document Foundation announces a renewed effort to grow the developers community beyond the threshold of 1,000 hackers reached in October 2015 (source: OpenHub), with the addition of Jan Iversen – a senior developer with a passion for mentoring, and a long experience at Apache Software Foundation – to the team.

The extraordinary growth of LibreOffice developer’s community, with a monthly average of over 16 new hackers contributing to the code since September 2010, is the result of a global mentoring effort by some of the project founders. After five years and 1,000 new developers, though, the complexity has changed, and the project needs to invest on mentoring a new generation of coders.

LibreOffice has always been available on multiple operating systems – Windows, MacOS and Linux – and is on the verge of being available on multiple platforms: desktop, mobile and cloud. Because of this evolution, the project needs a wider range of developing skills, which can be achieved only with a renewed effort targeted to attract new code contributors.

“When LibreOffice started, the code-base we inherited was known for being extremely hard to contribute to, for both technical reasons and a lack of mentors reaching out to new hackers,” says Bjoern Michaelsen, a member of LibreOffice engineering steering committee and a director of the Document Foundation. “Today, the LibreOffice project is known for its welcoming atmosphere, and for the fun. We strive to continue on this path for the next 1,000 code contributors.”

Jan Iversen has added: “I am excited and proud to be part of the LibreOffice project. Helping to grow a project of this size, with an extremely high activity in term of development for the last five years, and at least three new contributors per month since September 2010, is a challenge I look forward to being part of.”



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