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Open Document Editors Devroom at FOSDEM 2014

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Open document editors are coming again to FOSDEM with a shared
devroom which gives every project in this area a chance to present
ODF related developments and innovations. The devroom is organized
by Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

We invite submission of talks for the Open Document Editors devroom,
to be held on Saturday, February 1st, from 10AM to 6PM.

Length of talks should be limited to 20 minutes, as we would like to
have questions after each presentation, and to fit as many
presenters as possible in the schedule. Exceptions must be
explicitly requested and justified.

Technical talks (code, extensions, localization, QA, tools and
significant adoption related cases) about open document editors or
the ODF format are welcome.

Submissions must be done using the Pentabarf system: .

While filing your proposal, please add a few lines about yourself
(although your profile might already be stored at Pentabarf) and
specify what product or topic (Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice, both,
other editor, ODF in general…) your talk is about.

The deadline is Sunday, December 22, 2013. Accepted speakers
will be notified by January 5, 2014.

You can send any questions to the devroom mailing list:


FOSDEM 2013 Call 4 Papers

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FOSDEM 2013, Brussels, February 2/3, 2013

FOSDEM has been the first public appearance of The Document Foundation, after the release of LibreOffice 3.3 at the end of January 2011. The conference has been instrumental, so far, for the extraordinary growth of LibreOffice hackers community. FOSDEM 2013 should escalate what we have been able to achieve in 2011 and 2012!

FOSDEM 2013 will be your next chance ever for a talk about LibreOffice at the largest European gathering of free software developers and advocates.

Do you want to share your experience in starting to hack the code, or tell about the tweaks in your build environment, or talk about the code changes you have done or those that you have been preparing, or share some insight on your QA work? Or maybe what you plan for translation or infrastructure?

Please submit your speech proposal on this page, by adding the information on a copy of the table. We really like you to share in the way that fits you best, be it 5, 15 or up to 30 minutes.

We might have to choose between the various proposals, as time is limited. So please give a clear description of your talk, including goals and target audience.

The deadline is December 23, 2012. This will allow the DevRoom managers to spend most of their holiday time by putting together the schedule, which will be published in early January 2013 in order to allow early booking of flights and accommodations.

FOSDEM is a free conference to attend, and we will try to seek sponsorship. But funding is limited, so please only request it if you cannot attend otherwise, and we will try to do our best to support you.

LibreOffice DevRoom

Come and hear about the growth and success of LibreOffice and how you can get involved in this exciting project at the cutting edge of Free Software. Hear from many of the core developers, work out how best to get your most annoying problems fixed, and find how best to get plugged into the team. Co-ordinate with your co-developers, get caught up with the latest developments all over the project, meet friends you’ve hacked with on-line, all this and more. If you’re just a user and want to go deeper, to help improve things we’ll have something for you too.

When and where?

On Sunday, February 3rd, 2013, from 09:00 onwards. We have to leave the room by 17:30 at the latest.

More Info

Wiki Page:

Email for Questions:

Discussions with developers and code hackers take place on

Discussions with marketers for the organization of the DevRoom take place on


FOSDEM Preview

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The Document Foundation was announced on September 28, 2010. So far, it has been an umbelievable ride, especially under the development point of view. Our core development team has managed to attract close to 400 new developers, and has achieved a large number of the ambitious goals set on that date. We still have quite a long way to go, but LibreOffice 3.5 – due next week – will be the very first release showing TDF “development directions” not only to geeks but also to end users: a leaner and cleaner office suite, packed with new features. If you happen to be in Brussels for FOSDEM, you are warmly invited to join our DevRoom in Building H or walk by our booth on the first level of Building K.

The following infographic offers a preview of the data we will be announcing and commenting during our workshop.

Tdf infographics

You can download a PDF or a JPG of the infographic, for printing or publishing on your website or blog. From now on, we will update it on a monthly basis, adding more numbers as soon as they will be available.


LibreOffice DevRoom at FOSDEM 2012 in Brussels

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The Internet, January 24, 2012 – TDF and LibreOffice will be on stage at FOSDEM 2012 conference in Brussels, Belgium, on February 4 and 5, with a dedicated track and a booth where it will be possible to meet developers and other volunteers and ask for information about contributing to the project.

Michael Meeks, member of TDF Board of Directors, says: “We’re honored to be hosted at FOSDEM again, the key event for Free Software hackers in Europe, and we’ve lined up a large number of our core contributors to give talks and mentor interested hackers”.

LibreOffice has just surpassed the number of 390 code contributors completely new to the project since the announcement on September 28, 2010. The 400th new code contributor might be announced at FOSDEM, and will be awarded a free LibreOffice T-Shirt.

Libreoffice newcommitters

With an average of close to 80 code contributors per month since January 2011, LibreOffice has been one of the largest Free Software projects during the last year (source: Ohloh).

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