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LibreOffice Infographics

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LibreOffice Infographics July 2012

If you are a LibreOffice user, you can download the Hybrid PDF from here and open it as a normal ODF file (using File > Open). If you are not a LibreOffice user, you can open the file using a PDF viewer, or install LibreOffice to discover this unique feature.


  1. Happy to see the downloads take-off!

    Should hit ‘critical mass’ soon.

    Comment by paul2012 — 2012/07/18 @ 09:01

  2. Very cool, congratulations!

    If I may make one complaint: Why NonCommercial only license on the infographic? Seems contrary to all TDF has published so far, and contrary to free-as-in-freedom.

    Comment by Mike Linksvayer — 2012/07/19 @ 16:25

    • I would avoid to mix and match a software license and a license protecting the contents of a document. Creative Commons BY-SA-NC is fairly standard for documents, especially if you want the document to stay free even when translated into another language (which is the reason why I added the CC license).

      Comment by italovignoli — 2012/07/19 @ 17:17

      • Creative Commons BY-SA does this, is used extensively by TDF (see the footer of every page), and doesn’t have the non-free NonCommercial only condition.

        Comment by Mike Linksvayer — 2012/07/19 @ 17:32

      • Again, I would avoid to mix and match the website – which is a collaborative work – with the infographic, which is not collaborative (although the data is extracted by others, all the subsequent data manipulation and visualization is done by myself). Personally, I do not see the Non Commercial as non free, especially if we are speaking about documents generated by a single person. I want my work not to be used for commercial purposes, and is my right to decide which license to apply. Being a journalist and an author, I have a fairly strong opinion on the intellectual property of documents. I am happy to share them, but I am not happy if someone steals my intellectual property for a commercial purpose.

        Comment by italovignoli — 2012/07/19 @ 18:21

      • Ok, I understand. However, NC is non-free, see and though of course you may still wish to use it.

        Comment by Mike Linksvayer — 2012/07/19 @ 18:44

  3. I’m happy that LibreOffice is constantly developing. I’m using it and I’ve started my adventure with OOo from the first stable version! It was long time ago and now I’m very used to it. It’s very good that – despite problems – it’s still alive, now as LibreOffice. Greetings from Poland!

    Comment by Piotr — 2012/08/07 @ 19:41

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