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Happy New Year

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Thanks to “our” amazing Eliane Domingos de Sousa, who has created a wonderful Happy New Year graphics, we wish you all – our members, our community, the free software ecosystem – a successful 2012. It will be an amazing second year for LibreOffice, starting from version 3.5 (which will be announced in early February, with a large number of interesting new features and performance improvements).

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  1. Happy New Year and thank you for everything! :)

    Comment by kneekoo — 2011/12/31 @ 22:39

  2. Bit late, but still. Happy new year!

    Appreciate the hard work you guys do for us!

    Comment by Josh — 2012/01/02 @ 04:14

  3. It has been an amazing year for all of you guys: you should be proud of what you have archived so far.
    Best of all for the coming year: your success will help all of us.
    Thanks a lot.

    Comment by prometeo — 2012/01/02 @ 09:26

  4. Congratulations on several successful releases! I provide tech support to 300+ clients and they really like Libre Office!

    Three very common feature requests:

    1. Ability to change toolbar color from white to another color like grey on the Mac edition.
    2. Envelop function needs work. Envelop settings don’t match printer settings. (Envelope is in the center of the paper tray and face down but I have to tell Libre Office that the envelope is face up and to left to print correctly.)
    3. Desperately need a flat file database like the old Microsoft Works 4.5 when you can sort and filter and only print certain envelopes without having to learn a large complex relational database. This is huge with small business.

    Comment by AZ Guy — 2012/01/02 @ 16:35

  5. A very needed feature for a small group of users is a way to read amipro and lotus old formats. this way, many old documents can be brought to the new libreoffice format without spending hours on it. This does not include only amipro formats but other very old formats that are really very difficult to bring to the new digital age and new formats.

    Comment by Luis Alvarado Viloria — 2012/01/11 @ 20:47

  6. Perhaps if better printing LibreOffice especially in Calc
    In Writer the option of cutting as it does images Impress
    and especially print current page.

    These features help the end user much migration to free systems

    Comment by Wil — 2012/01/12 @ 02:17

  7. Happy New Year and Happy LibreOffice, Great Product!!!

    Comment by cocis48 — 2012/01/12 @ 20:04

  8. Bonne année à tous, et beaucoup de succès !
    Happy new year to all of you, and much success !

    Comment by Serge JGh Lambert — 2012/01/12 @ 22:14

  9. Happy New Year to you, too!

    Another request (which I’ve been asking for since 2, and the Sun/Oracle people promised would be included somewhere in the 3.x version): Allow writer table rows to be moved the same way moving text in a paragraph works. The location it is moved to gets shifted up or down to make room for the moved row, while its empty row is deleted. This is a standard that OOo and LO have so far ignored. This is how it is done in just about every other major word processor, and is the normal expectation. However, the current OOo and LO method is to overwrite the row you are moving contents to, deleting that row and its contents from the table, and leaving an empty row where you moved the row from. (I hope I explained that clearly!) It’s not good, and its a frustration I’ve had to deal with constantly for years, adding a lot of extra work to what should be a simple task. Please add this. It’s been a long time coming, and is sorely needed (at least by me).

    Comment by Mike — 2012/01/16 @ 21:52

    • You should write your request to, but unless you find a developer wishing to implement the feature (or you sponsor the development of the feature) I can anticipate that it will be very difficult to see it in a future version of LibreOffice. Development is based on volunteer contributions, and volunteers usually spend their time on what they consider most useful, or what they care most.

      Comment by italovignoli — 2012/01/16 @ 22:06

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