Announcing the Impress Guide 24.2

The Documentation Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the Impress Guide 24.2.

The Impress Guide 24.2 update was coordinated by Peter Schofield, with assistance of Olivier Hallot and B. Antonio Fernandez, and is based on the Impress Guide 7.6.

Peter Schofield

Peter Schofield


LibreOffice 24.2 Community also includes many other changes, including improvements in accessibility, change tracking, spell checking, and interoperability with Microsoft’s proprietary file formats. Notably, Impress now allows small caps in text and secured slide show remote control with bluetooth, as well as enhancements to supplied templates.

Release Notes are here:

The guide is available for immediate download in PDF format, and in HTML format for online reading, as well as in source format (OpenDocument Format). Soon it will be available as printed book by LuLu inc.

Download the Impress Guide 24.2 from the documentation websites at: and the bookshelf at