LibreOffice 24.2.4 Community available for download

Berlin, 6 June 2024 – LibreOffice 24.2.4 Community, the fourth minor release of the free, volunteer-supported office suite for personal productivity in office environments, is now available at for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

The release includes over 70 bug and regression fixes over LibreOffice 24.2.3 [1] to improve the stability and robustness of the software. LibreOffice 24.2.4 Community is the most advanced version of the office suite, offering the best features and interoperability with Microsoft Office proprietary formats.

LibreOffice is the only office suite with a feature set comparable to the market leader. It also offers a range of interface options to suit all user habits, from traditional to modern, and makes the most of different screen form factors by optimising the space available on the desktop to put the maximum number of features just a click or two away.

LibreOffice for Enterprises

For enterprise-class deployments, TDF strongly recommends the LibreOffice Enterprise family of applications from ecosystem partners – for desktop, mobile and cloud – with a wide range of dedicated value-added features and other benefits such as SLAs:

Every line of code developed by ecosystem companies for enterprise customers is shared with the community on the master code repository and contributes to the improvement of the LibreOffice Technology platform.

Availability of LibreOffice 24.2.4 Community

LibreOffice 24.2.4 Community is available at Minimum requirements for proprietary operating systems are Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 and Apple MacOS 10.15. Products based on LibreOffice Technology for Android and iOS are listed here:

For users who don’t need the latest features and prefer a version that has undergone more testing and bug fixing, The Document Foundation maintains the LibreOffice 7.6 family, which includes several months of back-ported fixes. The current release is LibreOffice 7.6.7 Community, but it will soon be replaced exactly by LibreOffice 24.2.4 when the new major release LibreOffice 24.8 becomes available.

The Document Foundation does not provide technical support for users, although they can get it from volunteers on user mailing lists and the Ask LibreOffice website:

LibreOffice users, free software advocates and community members can support the Document Foundation by making a donation at

[1] Fixes in RC1: Fixes in RC2: