Armenian translation of LibreOffice complete

Armenian script

LibreOffice is available in over 100 languages, thanks to our worldwide community of localisers and translators. And for the upcoming LibreOffice 24.2 release, it will be available in Armenian for the first time!

Armenian is an Indo-European language, spoken by 5 – 7 million people in the Republic of Armenia and elsewhere in the world. The translation of LibreOffice’s user interface was largely done by Tigran Zargaryan, who shared the announcement with us:

Dear members of The Document Foundation, and the LibreOffice community! With great pleasure, I’m informing that the Armenian localisation of LibreOffice is complete, and this is an especially significant event for Armenian community members worldwide, who are using various office suites in their daily work and – due to lack of Armenian user interface translations – are facing language difficulties.

I hope that the presence of the Armenian language interface translation will be of great support especially in schools, educational institutions and state organisations. In general, many state-based entities are financed by tax payers, and the presence of such a suite will ease their life, as they will legally be able to use office products without copyright infringement, and for them a totally new world of Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) philosophy will be introduced.

Big thanks and շնորհակալություն to Tigran for his contributions! Everyone is welcome to join our native-language communities, and help us to translate LibreOffice into even more languages.

And here, a couple of screenshots of the suite in Armenian:

LibreOffice Writer in Armenian

LibreOffice Impress in Armenian