LibreOffice 7.5.8 Community available for download

Berlin, November 2, 2023 – LibreOffice 7.5.8 Community, the last minor release of the LibreOffice 7.5 line, the volunteer-supported free office suite for desktop productivity, is available from for Windows (Intel/AMD and ARM processors), macOS (Apple Silicon and Intel processors), and Linux [1].

With this release, the LibreOffice 7.5 line is reaching the end of its life, so users should plan the update to LibreOffice 7.6 as soon as the next minor update LibreOffice 7.6.3 will be released in mid November. At that time, LibreOffice 7.6 will have been tested and sought after enough to be ready for all production environments.

For enterprise-class deployments, TDF strongly recommends the LibreOffice Enterprise family of applications from ecosystem partners – for desktop, mobile and cloud – with a large number of dedicated value-added features and other benefits such as SLA (Service Level Agreements):

Availability of LibreOffice 7.5.8 Community

LibreOffice 7.5.8 Community is available from: Minimum requirements for proprietary operating systems are Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 and Apple macOS 10.14. LibreOffice Technology-based products for Android and iOS are listed here:

The Document Foundation does not provide technical support for users, although they can be helped by volunteers on user mailing lists and on the Ask LibreOffice website:

LibreOffice users, free software advocates and community members can support The Document Foundation with a donation at

[1] Change log pages: and