New “LibreOffice Expert” magazines available for schools and communities

LibreOffice Expert magazines

Recently, Linux New Media released an updated version of its “LibreOffice Expert” magazine, which contains tutorials, tips and tricks about LibreOffice. And some articles were contributed by members of the LibreOffice community! The magazines come with DVDs that include LibreOffice for Linux, Windows and macOS, alongside extra templates, extensions, videos and guidebooks.

We have some copies to give away, for schools, universities and local communities. Ideally, we’d like to get these magazines out to places where internet connections aren’t always available – so that the users can really benefit from the DVDs.

So, if you can help us to distribute these magazines, drop us a line! Please note that we can only send a maximum of five copies to any one place, to make sure many people get a chance. When you contact us, please include this information:

  1. What you want to do with the magazines
  2. How many you want
  3. The address to which we should post them

Include that information in an email to us and let’s see what we can do!

(Note: if you want to buy the magazine directly from the publisher, you can do so here.)