Open source continues to grow


Open source continues to grow, as shown by data provided by reports of analysts (top left & right) and by declarations of users (bottom left & right).

Top Left: In two years, proprietary software is expected to shrink from 45% to 37% while enterprise open source is expected to grow from 29% to 34%. Community based OSS is also expected to grow from 21% to 24%. In total, in two years open source software will reach an estimated enterprise market share of 58%.

Top Right: The same chart, split between geographical areas: APAC (Asia and Pacific), EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), LATAM (Latin America) e US (United States). The difference in percentages between the different areas is really negligible, confirming a global trend.

Bottom Left: Over 76% of IT managers has increased the use of open source software during 2022, while almost 22% has not changed the amount of OSS and less than 2% has reduced the amount of open source software.

Bottom Right: The same chart, split between geographical areas. In this case, the differences between regions is visible, with Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America and Latin America leading in term of global increase with a percentage higher than 75%, followed by UK and Europe with 70% and Asia Pacific with 60%.


  1. By Jorge Maldonado Ventura

  2. By Chris W

  3. By Italo Vignoli