Lox365 extension: XLOOKUP (and more) for LibreOffice Calc

More news from the LibreOffice subreddit! User goose_pirate posted about an extension:

Hi everyone, I made this little extension for LibreOffice Calc which adds a few functions, currently FILTER, SORT, and XLOOKUP. I hope others will find this as useful as I do.

XLOOKUP is a function for finding things in a table by range or row. We asked goose_pirate for a bit of background on the extension:

I’ve been using both Excel and LibreOffice for many years and found the new(er) Excel functions like XLOOKUP to be really nice compared to the old VLOOKUP or INDEX MATCH. I wanted to use it in LibreOffice too, so I wrote this extension.

How I made it: I researched information about LibreOffice extensions, dissected a few such extensions made by others, and finally started my own. It wasn’t too bad, I was surprised no one has made something similar yet.

Great work, goose! 😊

Learn more and download here (in the “build” folder)


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