Video tutorials for LibreOffice Writer, Calc and Impress

On the LibreOffice subreddit, we became aware of some useful tutorial videos created by Steven Davids. These cover various components of the suite, and show how to achieve common tasks.

We asked Steven about how he chooses the topics for his videos, and how he makes them:

My video tutorials come to me – I do not go and look for them. If I have a problem, I search for a solution on the web. I always assume I am not unique, and that many other people had or have the same problem. If I do not find a solution or one that is readily available, I struggle my way out to a solution. Then I share that solution via video! Why video? Because it seems to me people are lazy to read and video illustrations are just easier to understand.

The videos are very low budget and homemade. There are no costs for the software since I use free public open-source programs for the screen recorder and video editor. There are many such programs, but OBS Studio and Shotcut serves me very well. I often use LibreOffice Presentation to assist in presenting the material. The hardware is also low cost. I already have a laptop and mobile phone so there are not extra costs there. A mid-range microphone from Samson is indispensable and basically the only additional cost.

Click here to view the playlist on YouTube!