The new Board of Directors has started its two year term

The new Board of Directors of The Document Foundation has just started the two year term on February 18, 2022. Full members are: Thorsten Behrens, Paolo Vecchi, Jan ‘Kendy’ Holešovský, Emiliano Vavassori, Caolán McNamara, Cor Nouws and László Németh. Deputies are: Gábor Kelemen, Ayhan Yalçınsoy and Gabriel Masei.

Four people have been elected for the first time to the Board of Directors: László Németh and Gábor Kelemen from Hungary; Ayhan Yalçınsoy from Turkey; and Gabriel Masei from Romania.

During the first meeting of the Board of Directors, its members have elected Thorsten Behrens as Chairman and Caolán McNamara as Deputy Chairman. In the meantime, also the responsibilities and areas of oversight have been discussed and decided:

  • Employees & hiring: Thorsten, Paolo, Kendy, Emiliano
  • Infrastructure & community: Emiliano, Caolán
  • QA & community: Gabor, Gabriel
  • Documentation & community: Kendy, Gabor, Ayhan
  • Native language projects, translation, localisation & community: Laszlo, Gabor, Ayhan
  • Certifications and other business development activities: Cor, Laszlo
  • Licenses, development & releases, including schedules & community: Caolán, Gabriel
  • Affiliations, e.g. advisory board, peer foundations, politics: Paolo, Kendy
  • Marketing, events, communication & design, brands & community: Emiliano, Cor, Laszlo
  • Assets, finance, taxes: Thorsten, Paolo
  • Contracts, legal compliance, GDPR, trademarks: Thorsten, Paolo, Kendy

At the same time, five people – who have served as board members and deputies during the previous term(s) – have left the board, but will continue their activity as TDF Members: Lothar Becker, Chairman; Franklin Weng, Deputy Chairman; Michael Meeks and Daniel Rodriguez, Full Members; and Nicholas Christener, Deputy.

We are deeply grateful to all of these for their dedication, contribution to decision making and for all of their volunteer time spent in BoD duties, as well as for their ongoing contribution to the project.



  1. By James Harking

    • By Mike Saunders

  2. By James Harking