Update on tender to implement Curl based HTTP/WebDAV UCP (#202104-01)

In April last year, The Document Foundation posted a tender to implement Curl based HTTP/WebDAV UCP in LibreOffice. Now we have an update from allotropia, the company that won the tender:

This is to report the recent activities we performed.

  • We held a presentation during this year’s FOSDEM conference, giving an in-depth account of what we did, why we did it, and the problems we’ve met. Both video and slides are available, licensed as CC-BY 2.0 BE currently.
  • We’ve accompanied that with a blog post, going into detail.
  • Additionally, we’ve fixed a number of additional bugs; all told, we believe the implementation is now definitely production-ready (and likely quite better than the old ones).

All included, we provided a total of 126 commits, that went into this development work (there were also 7 community contributions), which includes the previous work by Giuseppe. You can see the full list from the core repo, via:

git log --grep='webdav-curl'

…or see this link. From our side, this now concludes work on this tender. We hope the services rendered were satisfactory, and both The Document Foundation and the LibreOffice users will enjoy the new implementation!