TDF Board elections: Live sessions with the candidates

With elections for The Document Foundation’s Board of Directors running, the Membership Committee is planning to conduct a live Q&A session with the candidates.

The sessions are not mandatory (the candidates can decide whether or not to attend), and TDF members can send the questions to be asked during the live session in advance to this address (which reaches the Membership Committee in private). The Committee will collect questions together, for easier moderation of the sessions.

Then, the sessions will take place in the week between the end of the nomination phase and the start of the votes. Membership Committee members will join the sessions and act as facilitators between the candidates and the local communities.

The Membership Committee would like to give the opportunity to members to have sessions not only in English, and even if only the members send in questions, the live sessions will be open to everyone.

If we get agreement with the candidates attending the sessions, we would like to also record and make available the recordings on PeerTube and YouTube.

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates!