Fixing a LibreOffice bug in less than eight hours!

LibreOffice’s QA community works on identifying, testing and fixing bug reports from users around the world. Gabriele Ponzo, a long-time LibreOffice contributors and part of The Document Foundation’s Membership Committee, tells us about how a bug was recently fixed in just under eight hours:

I’m particularly used to keyboard usage of LibreOffice, and thus I noticed that something I did really often wasn’t working anymore: searching backwards with the Find Toolbar. At least not in the way I used to do it: hitting Shift+Enter after having typed the text to be searched.

So I tried several times and then decided to submit a bug. I’m not new in bug reporting, and several bugs that I’ve reported in the past were solved, sooner or later.

But this time, I was surprised by the resolution speed: less than eight hours!

Obviously this is just one particular and very positive case, but it deserves to be highlighted – since it’s a sign of how strong the activity is in our community.

A big thank you goes to Caolán McNamara, in this case, but to the whole community that I’m proud to represent when I speak in public, being part of it, and also part of the TDF governance.

Great work, Gabriele and Caolán! See here for the bug report and the steps that were taken to resolve it. And to all LibreOffice users: if you’ve found something in LibreOffice that isn’t working as expected, you can give our QA community a hand by submitting your own report. Thanks!