The Document Foundation welcomes allotropia to its Advisory Board

Berlin, July 1, 2021 – The Document Foundation (TDF) announced today that allotropia – a German company that provides services, consulting and products around LibreOffice and related open source projects – has joined TDF’s Advisory Board.

Founded in late 2020 with five long-time LibreOffice developers, allotropia’s stated mission is to bring LibreOffice to shine – in as many different shapes and forms as necessary, to serve the modern needs of office productivity software. allotropia was spun off from CIB, another long-time provider of LibreOffice-based products and services (and also a member of the Advisory Board).

Lothar Becker, Chairman of the Board of Directors at TDF, says:

allotropia joining the Advisory Board, as a new and valuable ecosystem partner for LibreOffice, is a great achievement and help for TDF. The mix of “innovation style” of a start up, as well as the staff and management – who are well known in our community for years – will bring synergy effects for both sides. We warmly welcome allotropia as a new ecosystem partner, and wish them all the best and good luck in their business activities.

Thorsten Behrens, CEO and owner of allotropia software GmbH, adds:

We are super excited to be working with the LibreOffice community in this new setup. There are many areas where innovation is needed and we are investing, for example in running LibreOffice client-side in a browser. On the other hand, with the experienced team we have here, it is a privilege to serve our existing customers and help them to run LibreOffice securely and conveniently.

About the Advisory Board

TDF’s Advisory Board’s primary function is to represent supporters of the project, and to provide the Board of Directors (BoD) with advice, guidance and proposals. In addition, the AB is at the kernel of the LibreOffice ecosystem, and as such is key to the further development of the project.