TDF Annual Report 2020

The Annual Report of The Document Foundation for the year 2020 is now available in PDF format from TDF Nextcloud in three different versions: low resolution (4.7MB), medium resolution (18MB) and high resolution (24.7MB). The annual report is based on the German version presented to the authorities in April.

The 54 page document has been entirely created with free open source software: written contents have obviously been developed with LibreOffice Writer (desktop) and collaboratively modified with LibreOffice Writer (online), charts have been created with LibreOffice Calc and prepared for publishing with LibreOffice Draw, drawings and tables have been developed or modified (from legacy PDF originals) with LibreOffice Draw, images have been prepared for publishing with GIMP, and the layout has been created with Scribus based on the existing templates.

All pictures are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 License, courtesy of TDF Members from all over the world. Stock photos are CC0 by Pixabay.

Lothar Becker, Chairman of TDF Board of Directors, has written in the welcome address:

You will learn that our jubilee year was one of the most successful in our history. With all activities that took place, despite the situation that we could rarely meet in-person, it is really really incredible how the local communities and all supra-national activities carried on. And furthermore we grew in every aspect: our community base has more contributors than ever, and we had an impressive number of releases of LibreOffice, with a lot of code contributions – especially for the new major release of LibreOffice 7.0. And last but not least, the financial report of the foundation shows a year better than ever.

Certainly, we also had some shortfalls last year, starting with the lack of personal meetings and the consequences in the relationships between members – but also with changes and moves in the community and its ecosystem within. And let’s not forget the members of the community who suffered from bad health because of the pandemic situation. But overall, we could feel lucky and proud coming out of this year strengthened as described in this annual report. For all shortfalls, we are working hard in all TDF bodies (the Board, the old and new Membership Committee, the Advisory Board, the team led by Florian Effenberger), with the whole membership as well as national and international parts of the community.

So for all these activities, code and non-code contributions, personal engagements and donations we truly say a big THANK YOU, thank all of you for being with TDF in such a special year for every one of us.

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