Statement about Richard M. Stallman and the Free Software Foundation

Dear LibreOffice Community, Dear FOSS Community,

All of us at The Document Foundation are following the discussion in the global free software community about Richard M. Stallman’s return to the Free Software Foundation (FSF) board of directors. We do share your concerns, and we do take this situation very seriously.

Our worldwide community is strongly committed to have a safe, welcoming, harmonious and inclusive environment, based on dignity and support. We absolutely do not tolerate harassment of any kind. Working together in trust requires mutual respect and understanding. These standards are also part of our guiding statutes that we expect all our community members and affiliates to follow.

We have therefore reached out to the FSF’s representative in our advisory board, asking for details and for a statement which confirms their commitment to our core values. We are all perfectly aware of the consequences also for our project, given that the FSF is a member of our advisory board.

We clearly expect a strong evidence that the FSF found a proper solution to the severe impact their actions have had on the global free software community. We will suspend FSF‘s membership in our advisory board and cease any other activity with this organization and their representatives, until the situation is healed.

Thanks for your support.

Lothar Becker (TDF Board)
Thorsten Behrens (TDF Board)
Daniel Armando Rodriguez (TDF Board)
Cor Nouws (TDF Board)
Emiliano Vavassori (TDF Board)
Franklin Weng (TDF Board)
Paolo Vecchi (TDF Board Deputy)

Marina Latini (TDF Membership Committee)
Gustavo Buzzatti Pacheco (TDF Membership Committee)
Ahmad Haris (TDF Membership Committee)
Gabriele Ponzo (TDF Membership Committee)
Jona Azizaj (TDF Membership Committee Deputy)
Shinji Enoki (TDF Membership Committee Deputy)
Dennis Roczek (TDF Membership Committee Deputy)

Florian Effenberger (TDF Team)
Xisco Fauli (TDF Team)
Sophie Gautier (TDF Team)
Olivier Hallot (TDF Team)
Christian Lohmaier (TDF Team)
Guilhem Moulin (TDF Team)
Italo Vignoli (TDF Team)


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