Conference organizers announce schedule and platform registration

Organizers of the online openSUSE + LibreOffice Conference are pleased to announce that the schedule for the conference is published.

All times on the schedule are published in Coordinated Universal Time. The conference will take place from live Oct. 15 to Oct. 17 using the platform.

There are more than 100 talks scheduled, covering the openSUSE and LibreOffice projects. There are talks about open-source projects, cloud and container technologies, embedded devices, community development, translations, marketing, documentation, Future Technologies, Quality Assurance and more. 

There will be multiple sessions happening at the same time, so some talks might overlap. Attendees have an option to personalize a schedule so that they are reminded when the live talk they would like to see begins. 

Live talks scheduled for the event will be either a 15 minute short talks, a 30 minute normal talks or a 60-minute work group/panel session. 

Attendees will be able to register on before the even, up until October 14. The platform is designed as a social conferencing tool. Users can put in profile information, share their location and interact with other members of the audience. 

All attendees are encouraged to click on the upper left menu and click the Info/Tour button to get familiar with the platform. The presenter will have the possibility to control the video as well as pause, rewind, fast-forward, etc., which is built into the system; the format of the video would need to be an mp4 and shared from a URL that everyone can access; this could be share from Google Drive, Nextcloud, ownCloud or another video sharing platform.

Conference T-shirts can be purchased in the platform under the shop button starting from October 13.


  1. By Pedro Araujo

    • By Mike Saunders