LibreOffice 7.0: A week in stats

One week ago, we announced LibreOffice 7.0, our brand new major release. It’s packed with new features, and has many improvements to compatibility and performance too. So, what has happened in the week since the announcement? Let’s check out some stats…


These are just stats for our official downloads page, of course – some Linux users will have acquired the new release via their distribution’s package repositories.

113,235 hits for the press release

Our press release was viewed by people from around the world, and linked to by many websites. We also sent the PR to our announce mailing list, and it was translated into many languages thanks to our awesome localisation community.

54,079 Tweet impressions

The announcement Tweet was viewed almost 55,000 times, and had 763 likes and 508 retweets. We’re also on Mastodon, a FOSS-friendly federated microblogging service: our Mastodon toot had 79 likes and 97 shares. Meanwhile, the Facebook post reached 21,786 people, with 817 reactions and 181 shares.

48,874 video views

Our LibreOffice 7.0 New Features video has been popular, with 130 comments and 1,353 likes. (We also uploaded the video to PeerTube, an open source, decentralized and federated video platform.)

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1509 upvotes on Reddit

As always, we posted the announcement on the /r/linux subreddit, where it had 1509 upvotes and 250 comments. We also have our own dedicated /r/libreoffice subreddit – check it out!

A huge thanks to our worldwide community of volunteers, and certified developers, for all their work on this release! LibreOffice keeps moving forward, and this release really cements its position as the future of OpenOffice:


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