500,000 Thanks

During the past weekend, we got the 500,000th donation since we started counting them, on May 1st, 2013. We are grateful to all the people who have donated, because they help all of us to keep the LibreOffice community growing and developing. The community has worked on translating LibreOffice in over 120 languages, closing the digital gap for many people who can only use LibreOffice in their native language and would otherwise be forced to use an office suite in English or in another foreign language.

Many donors have added a note to their donation, at the end of the process which starts on the following page: https://www.libreoffice.org/donate/. Here is a list of the most significant from people who have had to access documents stored in a proprietary document format, a unique LibreOffice feature based on libraries developed and maintained by the Document Liberation project, in English or translated into English.

100% better than Office: keep up the good work.

Finally switched from OpenOffice!

Finally, something to open old Apple Works documents!

Great app. I can finally read old Word docs. Thanks soooo much.

I am using the software to convert my late father’s digital archive from an ancient version of MS Works to open formats.

I could not have created nameless numbers of documents without this suite, comfortably, between both a windows and a GNU+Linux environment. Thank you.

I needed a way to convert old WPS files and LibreOffice was the only thing I could find that did this without a lot of trouble. So: thanks!

Many thanks! At home I only use LibreOffice (and OpenOffice before that) and love it.

Payment for LibreOffice. Very glad this software exists! And much better than Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.

Thank you for a wonderfully capable system. I have recently discovered that I can load my deceased father’s WordPerfect files with ease.

Thank you for creating top level FOSS software. FOSS is the future and you do the work ground work for a better world.

Thank you for developing this. My business is close to going bust, otherwise I’d have given more, but it helped me open my old accounts in Apple Works. Good luck to you.

Thank you for LibreOffice. Installation was smooth and I could open and edit MS Excel. I will spread the news about this app (with donations of course).

Thank you for the office software. I am just a private user and am glad I am not forced to buy Microsoft products for the small amount of document I use.

Thank you so much for your wonderful product that has helped me open some really old Apple Works docs!

Thank you so much, I used this software at the university for about 6 years and it never let me down. You’re the best!

Thank you! Your program allowed me to convert some important family documents.

Thank you! This is the only program that really helps me properly read and format DOCX on my Mac.

Thanks for getting out from under Microsoft’s fat greedy thumb. Also, I was able to import all my old files without a hitch. Word, on the other hand, had problems with my old WPS files! You’ve really saved me a lot of grief. Thanks again.

Thanks for the LibreOffice resource – I had given up hope of opening many old CWK documents.

User since before Sun acquired the code base, before OpenOffice was. Great continuation of great software. Happy I am able to support it and its developers.

Using LibreOffice I was able to open documents as old as from high school in 1984 (in MacWrite format, I believe)! Thank you so much! I thought they were lost to time.

And this is the word cloud generated with the thousands of notes left by our generous donors, to give a flavour of the contents of the different messages. As you can see, recurring terms – size is determined by the number of occurrences – are “thank”, “open”, “alternative”, “good”, “great”, “much”, “work”, etc.

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